3 Keys

We base our training on 3 key principles that will allow you to overcome your knee pain and reach the level of health you desire:

1. Correct Your Movements:

Massage and other treatments that address the symptoms of your problem are great, but if you never correct the underlying faulty movements, your tight muscles and the painful joints they bring will always return.

Correct movement is the ultimate solution to most ongoing physical problems. The ability to move correctly is not something that anyone else can simply give to you, and it’s not necessarily easy to obtain.

2. It’s Up To You:

The only person responsible for your recovery is YOU, not your doctor, your surgeon, your physio, your personal trainer or anyone else.

Understanding the cause of your problem, and putting in the personal work required to address it, is a task only you can overcome – many people can help you on your way, but no one else can do it for you.

3. Face the Challenges:

Resolving your knee problems is a road wrought with challenges. Though we always emphasise safety and control, you may still have to confront your pain directly. If you always avoid challenging the movements that cause you pain, your muscles will never adapt to improve your joints’ functions.


Adhering to the ethos behind each of these principles is what will either make or break your recovery.

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