KneeStrength.com is run by a small team headed by personal trainer Chris Williams. We believe in addressing health problems by promoting exercise and correct form – without relying on surgery and medication. By focusing on the way the body moves in everyday life, our techniques help improve mobility for the young and old, with an emphasis on lasting solutions to knee problems. These exercises come from the working knowledge of Chris Williams, which he uses in highly effectively personal training sessions.

From Chris Williams himself:

I used to suffer very badly from patella maltracking. I felt searing pain in my knees if I tried to stand up from a chair without using my arms to do the work. Over a 10 year period of trial and error exercise, based on a foundation of self-study, I fully overcame my knee problems, and gave myself the strength to move with freedom and perform pain-free exercise. The expertise I have developed in human movement has had a profound positive impact on my everyday health – that’s why I want to share my knowledge with you. Use my techniques and there’s nothing to pay, no medication, no surgery – just honest self-improvement. You just need one important thing: the drive to take full responsibility for your own recovery.

Get started on making your knee pain a thing of the past by checking out our articles and videos – there’s enough information here to cure you of patella maltracking forever.

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