Exercise and Training

personal training onlineThe following articles break down various aspects of exercise and training in general, to help you develop a holistic understanding, and approach, to your overall bodily health. These topics are as various as the people we train and the problems they have to overcome – from the psychology of managing a personal training program to the specifics of when and how to use particular exercise equipment. If there’s a topic we haven’t covered here that would be of particular interest to you, do get in touch – we’re always eager to expand the assistance we offer.

How exercise can help overcome vertigo

Managing inflammation during training

How to avoid pain while doing squats

Applying movement theory to other exercises

Example of a training routine – sissy squats

How just two exercises can build overall strength

Weight training as an unconventional routine for a busy mum

The theory behind managing your personal exercise program

Thinking between sets – the mental attitude for success

 Why strength training is effective for treating trigger points

How squats can help with fallen arches

Where will movement training take us next?

How to avoid hunched shoulders

Why aids and supports are a bad idea for progressive exercise

Why your muscle health demands as much attention as dental health

Why drill instruction is bad coaching

What to do with one leg stronger than the other

Is it ever a good idea to use a mirror in training?

Trial and error – the best training technique

Why you need to learn to squat before you can run

Is barefoot running good for you?

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