Can sissy squats help cure cartilage-based knee problems?

sissy squats knee cartilage Following from our article regarding different causes of knee pain, we’re now going to address the question of what knee strength exercises can do for a different condition to patella maltracking – worn out cartilage. Longstanding movement problems can lead to the wearing down of your cartilage around the knee, and if this wears down then the bones will rub without protection, causing knee pain. Can sissy squats help relieve this pain, as it does with patella maltracking?

Sissy Squats and Cartilage Wear

The short answer is that sissy squats can be effective in addressing problems with cartilage wear, depending on where in the knee the cartilage has worn from. The beautiful thing about sissy squats is that you can use them to train the way your knee cap (the patella) tracks through the knee; so whatever the reason for the patella not fitting smoothly into the femoral groove, sissy squats can help. Sissy squats would therefore be effective in cases where the cartilage wear is between the patellofemoral surfaces, as they could improve the tracking of the patella so only the proper facets of the patella come into contact with the femoral groove.

Be warned, though, this form of rehabilitation would be extremely painful in the early days of rehabilitation whilst your medial quad muscles are at their weakest. To overcome knee pain from cartilage-based problems in this way would require both an immense drive and a very delicate understanding of what to do. This is hopefully something we can instil in our readers.

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  1. Cheryl says:

    “depending on the where in the knee the cartilage has worn from.”


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