Foam rolling interview: who should use a foam roller?

This week we were asked to give an interview to up and coming foam rolling advice blog, Foam Roller Match. The site contains lists of details about different foam rollers, covering some of the technical content that we brought up in our article on Choosing the Right Foam Roller. In the interview, we’ve given some details about what we do, the differences in foam roller density and who should be using foam rollers. The top tip being that everyone should be using them! The only reason not to use a foam roller is if you don’t want to improve, unless it involves rolling on wounded skin (as is sensible).
Another key detail revealed in the interview is how it’s best to rehabilitate after an injury, and the steps you should take with professional assessment before turning to foam rolling. For a few more tips on the effectiveness of foam rolling, read the full interview here.

“With just two main exercises, I’m stronger than ever”

knees interview, case study, squat

Since launching our training videos on YouTube, a lot of viewers have written to say how the simple exercises have been life-changing. None more so than Andrea, who now trains with Chris via Skype. We asked her to give us the full story of her background and progress: Continue reading

Interview with a trainee: Ross Beard

knee strength interview Continuing our series of trainee interviews, today’s trainee is Ross Beard, an accountant from Essex. Ross regularly trains with Chris in person, which has helped him recover from debilitating knee injuries. His case study shows how you can return from barely walking to competing in sporting competitions.

1. What problems did / do you have with your knees?

Whilst playing football I suffered a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament. Eventually, after misdiagnosis and long waiting lists, I had the ligament reconstructed using a hamstring graft. I suffered extreme muscle atrophy in both legs, my knee did not feel stable, I continued to limp, I started to experience problems with other parts of my body and remained very cautious when doing physical activity. Continue reading

Interview with a trainee: Andrew LeDuc

knees interview, case study, squat We love to hear from anyone whose improved their health through exercise in training. In order to share the stories of success, we’re happy to interview anyone who feels they’ve benefited from our videos or articles. The first of our series comes from Andrew LeDuc, who approached Chris Williams to thank him for his YouTube instructional videos. Continue reading