How strength training helped me deal with vertigo

strength training for vertigoWe aren’t just concerned with knee problems here: training can help with other physical problems such as vertigo. A long-term trainee of Chris’s, Pauline, gives her story of how this training helped her with Uncompensating Labyrinthitis (an inner-ear ailment affecting balance):

Chris is a friend of my sons and, as such, I have known him for many years. So it was quite natural that, when I became unwell, they insist I sought his professional help. Continue reading

Interview with a trainee: Andrew LeDuc

knees interview, case study, squat We love to hear from anyone whose improved their health through exercise in training. In order to share the stories of success, we’re happy to interview anyone who feels they’ve benefited from our videos or articles. The first of our series comes from Andrew LeDuc, who approached Chris Williams to thank him for his YouTube instructional videos. Continue reading

This 87-year old man can do his squats, can you?

old man squatsThe man in this photo is doing squats, standing from a chair with good form and – most importantly – no difficulty. He is 87-years old and does his squats regularly, with the mobility of a much younger person. He even trains with weighted squats. Wouldn’t you like to be able to move like that at 87-years old? Well you can. It just takes a bit of effort, and not everyone is willing to make that effort.  Continue reading