Are your children making movement errors that could harm them later in life?

children movement problemsMost people who have used corrective exercises to perfect their body movements do so as a reaction to injury. And any adult who has successfully used corrective exercise to cure their own injuries will appreciate how staggeringly powerful these methods can be, and their vast superiority over pain-killing medication and surgery. This discovery usually triggers the person to realise that applying the same sort of training to improve the body’s movements to another area of the body can help them solve their other long-standing aches and pains. You are then left with a person with an entirely different outlook on the causes of pain, who realises they are personally accountable for their injuries, yet empowered to be able to cure and prevent them through practicing good movement. This is an outlook that everyone ought to have – and it should start before it is necessary, before injury. It should start early in life.

Imagine if you taught this same mentality to your children; if when your child noticed an aching joint, their first reaction was not to ask you for medicine but to ask you what movement they needed to improve and how you could work together to fix it so the pain goes away. It goes further than just physical health, though, in that it teaches your children from an early age that when something goes wrong in life you don’t blame the situation on a doctor’s diagnosis, or a teacher’s opinion, or a job interviewer’s decision, but you bring the problem back to yourself and what actions you are responsible and able to make yourself.

I think back to my own childhood, when as a 13 year old boy my knees started hurting from Osgood-Schlatters and patella maltracking. My parents, themselves then afflicted with various joint pains, did not have the knowledge available today to be able to help me. This led me down the typical road of wearing hopeless and detrimental knee supports, relying on pain-killing pills when they hurt too much, and entering the ineffective merry-go-round of traditional medical treatment.

With the knowledge I have learned since then, I have retrained the way I and my parents move and we are now all rid of joint injuries and have the mind-set that we are the ones with the power, through the correction of the way we move, to dictate whether we live in pain or without it. If you have young children now and are reading this, then you do have the knowledge to be able to help them if they present aches and pains to you, or even better, you have the knowledge to get them moving properly to prevent any injuries occurring in the first place.

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