What to do when you’ve got one leg stronger than the other

one leg strongerWhen you have one leg that is stronger than the other, it will impact the form you use during your exercises. This can reinforce muscle imbalances, as the stronger leg takes over the exercise and it becomes difficult to handle the load through your weaker leg. There’s one simple way to overcome this balance, but it requires taking care and focus. Simply put: slow down.


How speed affects your muscle imbalance

When you have a muscle imbalance, if you perform an exercise too quickly the stronger muscles will simply take over without giving you a chance to correct your motion. This can make it seem like every time you try to strengthen your weaker leg, you stronger leg takes over, and it can make you feel a little helpless.

However, slower movements give you more time to think, and to make adjustments, so if you slow down your overall exercise speed you’ll be able to focus on strengthening the weaker leg without the stronger leg can taking over. Slower exercises give you the opportunity to concentrate harder on what you are doing, and how you are doing it – move too quickly and your body’s natural preferences will take over and prevent focused improvements.

So when you feel one leg is stronger than the other, and the weaker leg is reluctant to work more as the strong leg tends to take over – simply slow down. Pay attention to what you are doing and make careful, deliberate adjustments to increase the work your weaker leg does. By controlling this, you will provide enough stimulus to improve your weaker muscles and restore balance. When you have a working balance in your leg muscles, you can resume exercising at a normal pace.

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