Strolling under the skin – what’s happening in our bodies

strolling under the skinWhat goes on under our skin? The science and practice of taking care of our bodies and repairing any faults we encounter demands a deep understanding of how bodies function – and what, exactly, we are made of.¬†An interesting element of internal anatomy that is a hot topic in modern science, partly because it can change the way people think about movement training, and partly because it is not fully understood, is fascia. It’s not an area we go into huge amounts of detail in here, but it is well worth taking a look at it – and the video Strolling Under the Skin, from Dr. Jean Claude Guimberteau, is a good place to start.

The video, 25 minutes long, captures some incredible images of living fascia, and gives some very interesting insights into a topic that’s incredibly complex – principally, how the fascia under our skin is a fluid, and active part of us, with a huge impact on our anatomy. Dr. Jean Claude Guimberteau has been researching how fascia moves, and how the body moves. The result, capturing the internal movements of the human body on camera, is absolutely fascinating, whether you’re familiar with the topic already or not. There are plenty of clips of the DVD on YouTube, and, it seems, the full video is available below:

Take a moment to enjoy this amazing journey into the body!

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