Tackling outer ankle pain and wide-stance squats

rolling the petroneus for ankle painMany people who build wide-stance squatting into their training routines experience pain in the outside of their ankles. Sometimes this can simply be due to a need to get used to the high amount of external rotation we recommend when performing these squats. This just requires time and a bit of smart calf stretching. However, for others this outer ankle pain can be due to tightness in the peroneus muscles.

Running down the outside of the lower leg, the peroneus muscles originate near the top of the fibula and insert at various locations along the outside of the foot. Concentrically, these muscles act to “evert” the foot (turn the bottom of the foot outward and the ankle inward). However, whilst standing with a wide stance, in order to maintain correct orientation with the floor, the foot needs to occupy an “inverted” relationship with the lower leg (i.e. turning of the bottom of the foot inward and the ankle outward). It is whilst standing in this position where any lack of extensibility in the peroneus muscles will cause problems, as they can cramp up with further trigger points if they do not eccentrically lengthen enough to facilitate this position, tightening the muscles further and causing ankle pain. If you suffer from this problem, the solution is to improve the tissue quality of your peroneus muscles:

rolling the petroneus for ankle pain

Break down any tightness in the peroneus muscles using PVC pipe rolling as pictured.

When performing this roll, try to relax the leg so its own weight provides the massage pressure against the pipe. You can roll the length of the outer lower leg, just beware the regions at the very top (near the head of the fibula bone) as there are some nerves in this region which should not be pressed on.

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