How to massage hamstrings – does foam rolling work?

hamstring massage

For rolling away muscle tightness in your quads, the foam roller is a tried and tested tool, but when it comes to the hamstrings, the foam roller is less effective. Let’s take look at why this is, and what we can do to improve the tissue quality of our hamstrings in place of foam rolling. Continue reading

Perfecting the weighted squat: how to hold the bar

holding squat barWhen you’ve mastered unweighted squats, as covered in our previous guides, the next step in ensuring lasting healthy knees is to build your overall body strength. Correct form prevents imbalances, but to ensure the muscles are resilient to being overworked in the future (the major source of recurring trigger point and join pain problems), strengthening your muscles is the essential next step. There will come a point when your bodyweight is not enough to build strength, and the best way to add weight to your squats, for further improvements, is through lifting a bar. Continue reading