Where should you put your knees? Thinking, and over-thinking, knee positions

knee position lying downThis site offers very specific advice on where to put your knees during exercises and how best to track them, but there is a limit to the proscriptions that should be offered when moving, and positioning your knees during everyday life.

A client recently brought the problem this can cause to our attention by asking how he should position his knees in a side-on position, for instance when lying down, given that we advise keeping your knees above or outside the feet when sitting. Correct movement can be complicated, and the theory is something you should try to keep in mind during your everyday life; but it’s time that we made a caveat clear: there’s no one ideal angle and position you should adopt. Here’s why knee strength means more than just keeping your knees out: Continue reading

How to keep those “knees out” for good during the squat

knees out squatRegular readers of the site will have seen how often we stress the importance of keeping the knees outside the feet during squatting movements. This article will give you tips to ensure you always keep your knees out and avoid the dreaded problem of knees caving in.

You gotta have sole

The rubber soles on your training shoes are a secret weapon that help you keep the knees outside the feet at all points during your squats. Continue reading

Managing inflammation when rehabilitating your knees


inflamed kneeWhen you’re not used to exercising certain parts of the body, you may find they become inflamed or swell when you put pressure on them. There are degrees of inflammation ranging from heavy swelling with constant pain down to a mild swelling and tenderness that dissipates after a few warm ups, but, whatever the degree, you are likely to experience at least some swelling in the course of rehabilitation. Try to manage the extent and volume of the work you do to ensure the swelling never becomes too severe.

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One essential principle to improve your knees whilst sitting

sitting correctly for knee problemsIn the modern world, with the ability to achieve so much via a computer without ever moving from your desk, your posture whilst sitting is more important than ever. You might perform all the movements of your everyday life perfectly, with correct form and ample exercise, but if half your day is spent sat in an incorrect position, your knees will suffer (amongst other areas of the body). Maintaining this single principle whilst sitting is an essential point in preventing knee pain: Continue reading