Weight training: an unconventional regime for a busy mum

knee strength interviewChristine Parker, a local client from  Harpenden, explains how weight training, though considered unconventional at first, has helped her move in everyday life, and given her a strong understanding of the way the body works:

I found out about Chris from my next-door neighbour Pauline. I had had a cup of tea with her at the height of her vertigo problems and she was very withered and withdrawn. Then some months later I noticed a dramatic change in her well-being: she seemed energetic and happy again and I asked what it was down to. When she said she had been doing weight training I was really taken by surprise but was intrigued enough to go along with her to watch one of her training sessions with Chris. Continue reading

Interview with a trainee: Ross Beard

knee strength interview Continuing our series of trainee interviews, today’s trainee is Ross Beard, an accountant from Essex. Ross regularly trains with Chris in person, which has helped him recover from debilitating knee injuries. His case study shows how you can return from barely walking to competing in sporting competitions.

1. What problems did / do you have with your knees?

Whilst playing football I suffered a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament. Eventually, after misdiagnosis and long waiting lists, I had the ligament reconstructed using a hamstring graft. I suffered extreme muscle atrophy in both legs, my knee did not feel stable, I continued to limp, I started to experience problems with other parts of my body and remained very cautious when doing physical activity. Continue reading