Perfecting your unweighted squat form

unweighted squat

When you’ve progressed through doing unweighted squats without pain, the next step is to work on perfecting your form. Proper form unweighted squats will really start to test your knee movements, and allow you to build up to weighted squats safely and without pain. Make sure your squats are flawless with these major points: Continue reading

How to do unweighted squats without knee pain

unweighted squatThe single most important exercise for knee strength, and for health and fitness in general, is the squat. When you reach your perfect level of fitness, you may squat to platforms as low as 12 or 13 inches, bearing incredible loads and pushing your knees about as far as your toes. When you’re suffering from patella maltracking, though, bending your knees a fraction over the foot may be excruciatingly painful. You can get around that pain by doing unweighted squats with a few minor compensations, laying the foundations for a squat without compensations later. Continue reading