KneeStrength.com exists to share techniques with proven results. You don’t have to take our word for how effective these training exercises are – the following testimonials are from clients who’ve felt the benefits:

“I have been doing the sissy squats with your recommendations and my knee is already feeling better-amazing!  I have to be honest that several days ago I was very uncertain that this program could help my problem.  I have not felt this amount of progress or hope with my knee condition for many years.” – Mike, New York State.



“People tell me I walk taller than I used to. I have much more energy to be up and about on my feet, where I used to look to stop and sit down and rest my knees and feet as often as I could…The training has even addressed how I walk and helped me regain better control of the arches in my feet…As tough as it is, I’m very thankful to Chris for his patience in coaching me and his confidence that I would master the movements eventually.” Christine, Harpenden, UK. Read her full story here.


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“[Training with Chris], my life’s just completely changed.  I have quads now that I never had before, even during my running years.  My posture and awareness of my body’s movements have improved.  I am running again and can wear any shoes I want without fear.  I played soccer the other day with my kids and then I thought, “Look at me!”  I never thought I’d be doing that again…Chris has given me the tools on how to manage and self-correct my pain, and every time an issue pops up with any part of my body, he analyzes it quickly and thoroughly and we get it under control…He’s passionate about what he does and that’s what ensures that you will have only success working with Chris.  I’ve been blessed to have found Chris, even if he is halfway around the world from me.” – Andrea, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Read her full story here.


“Chris’ understanding of [my] predicament was spot on…My self-confidence slowly returned as did my physical strength.
“I look upon it as a rehabilitation process which has now become a maintenance programme. We do not do repetitive exercises but continually challenge the body to go that little bit further…Chris always aims for full movement of joints and muscles without compromise.” – Pauline, Harpenden, UK. See her full story here, and her in training here.


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“Thanks to Chris I now feel like I can participate and even compete in anything I want. This has improved not just my physical well being but also my general happiness, which had been seriously affected by my injury, and for that I will be eternally grateful.” – Ross Beard, trainee accountant, Essex. Read his full case study here.


“I finally found your videos after countless hours of searching after answers on the internet, and I started doing your exercises.
Now my knees feel much greater in just the few weeks I’ve been doing them. It’s been firing up my VMO and I can feel my body is starting to walk normally again and my knees are tracking correctly. Finally this pain and this problem, which has been way too big a part of my everyday life is finally seeming to disappear… THANK YOU.” – antonio3p1, Denmark, YouTube user. Read his full cases study and testimonial here.


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“Doing the exercises you’ve suggested have gone completely against what my physical therapist has told me, but it’s the only thing that has worked! It seems almost like a crime that I’ve gotten this advice for free.
“I came across your channel as I was finishing therapy. By that time my physio was ready to give up on my knee, and seriously thought that it couldn’t be fixed, or to a point where I could resume leg workouts. He said it was just how I’m made. I didn’t believe that for a second…But what you told me to do worked, and now I’m on track to being 100%….I’ve spoken with a few other doctors about your methods and they all seem disbelieving – I wish they had a more open mind!” – Andrew LeDuc, Maryland, USA. Read his full case study here.


“Training with Chris makes your everyday life easier. I wouldn’t have considered myself unfit before, but the contrast between simple movements, then and now, such as climbing a flight of stairs, is extraordinary.” – Phil Williams, Brighton UK.


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