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To start you on your journey to healthier knees today, this guide offers a series articles for self-help exercises that require little or no equipment – just the right knowledge and a healthy dose of motivation.

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It can be difficult to know where to start, so we’ve arranged this page into four main stages to help you sensibly progress through all that is available on our site.

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The theory behind knee problems

What is patella maltracking? This guide explains the single most common cause of knee pain. Understanding the problem of patella maltracking will make all our exercises make more sense, both in purpose and practice.

Managing inflammation when rehabilitating your knees This guide gives important considerations in avoiding too much swelling or pain when you start on the road to knee recovery.

One essential principle for improving your knees whilst sitting A brief introduction to everyday knee positioning that could help you before you even start exercising.

Applying correct movement theory to other exercises With all the above theories and below exercises put into practice, this article will help you further apply the lessons to everyday life and other exercises.

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Self-treatment of knee problem symptoms

Foam rollers are powerful tools to massage out the knots that develop in muscles when you have knee problems. The following articles, in a loose idea, introduce the best practice for using a foam roller:

Lower leg stretching This guide gives a very simple but highly powerful stretch for your lower leg that will help lengthen the tightened muscles.

Progressing with stretches and rolling An introduction to possible progressions with stretches, rolling and core exercises, to help develop a mindset of improvement, and allow you to adapt your personal training.

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Exercises to prevent future knee problems

Our exercises are based, ultimately, in reaching perfect squat form. Start by perfecting sissy squats, following these articles in order. This simple exercise requires minimal equipment (and time), but can permanently correct incorrect movement patterns.

When you are comfortable doing sissy squats, the best exercises for overcoming knee problems are unweighted squats, followed by weighted squats (when you are comfortable lifting weights). Follow our squat articles in this order:

The following articles explain how to exercise with the right mentality for consistent progression, so you can take your training through various stages and build your own regime that does not merely fall into ineffective routine:

Self-treatment of patella maltracking: This explanation of a video guide produced under the earlier LiftAge brand will take you through many of the exercises above in a sensible, progressive order.

old man squats

Motivational stories of success:

The following articles are demonstrative accounts of students and clients of who have used all the above principles to overcome adversity and restore lasting mobility, at all ages:

Our articles at are primarily posted in the blog, though we occasionally write guest posts and articles for publication. These articles are designed to guide and encourage anyone with knee problems, and anyone who wants to avoid knee problems in the future, with comprehensive advice and illustrative imagery. The tips given may be written by a variety of authors, but they are all based on Chris Williams’ training.

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