Top 9 excuses for avoiding exercise – and why they don’t hold up

exercise excusesSometimes it’s hard to find motivation to exercise. It can seem like a chore, something that needs to be done rather than something you want to do. You want to see results, you don’t want to spend the time working on them. We’ve covered that attitude a few times – in our various articles on Motivation. But to help you understand why excuses don’t hold up, here’s our list of the top 9 excuses for avoiding exercise:

 1. “I’m too tired.”

Personally, the less I exercise the more tired I get. Exercise wakes you up. When you use your body properly, it’ll function fully when awake and rest properly when you sleep.  You’ll certainly sleep sounder after an hour’s exercise than an hour’s passive activity, like watching TV (which will stimulate the mind and leave you with pent up energy) – so when you do sleep, you’ll get more rest.


 2. “I don’t have the time.”

Your time isn’t as precious as your body. Take half an hour out of the time you otherwise spend browsing the internet, watching TV, playing video games or whatever else and use it to do something for yourself. Exercise can be another way to relax, if you let it be.


 3. “Exercising is stressful.”

If you find exercise scary, or the prospect of failure is daunting, bear in mind that exercise helps dissipate lactic acid, and releases endorphins – the little things in your blood that make you feel happy and increase your resistance to pain. It also releases epinephrine, a hormone that creates a sense of happiness and excitement. So no matter what you achieve in a session, it’ll ease your mind.


4. “I’m no good at it.”

You get good at something by doing it. You exercise to improve. If you were already good at it, you wouldn’t need to do it. Remember, you’re not exercising to prove anything, just to improve your life.


5. “It hurts.”

If it really hurts, you’re doing it wrong. Correct exercise trains your body to move in a way that will recover, and there are always ways to manage just how far you take it.

6. “It aches afterwards.”

Exercise causes lasting aches and pains when you’re not used to it. If you feel like you’re suffering after exercising, it’s because you’re not doing it often enough. A few aches the day after are a sign that you’re making good progress; and when you overcome them, you won’t be afraid to push yourself in future.


7. “I don’t have the right equipment.”

The only equipment you need is your body and enough space to move. You could exercise every muscle in your body with nothing but bodyweight squats and press-ups, if necessary. Knee problems can be solved with sissy squats, requiring nothing but a block of wood – and if you’re pressed you can do it without even that. Yes, in the long run, equipment will help you – but there’s always a way around it.


8. “I don’t know how to do it properly.”

There’s enough information available for free on the internet to tell you how to do everything properly. Just look on this site, talk to people on Twitter, watch videos on YouTube. Be willing to learn.


 9. “The dog ate it.”

I asked a client if they had worked on the exercises I asked them to do since their last training session and this the response they gave. It’s the best excuse I’ve ever heard, and a long way more convincing than the other 8 in this list.

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3 Responses to Top 9 excuses for avoiding exercise – and why they don’t hold up

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  2. Tori Green says:

    This is so true. Thanks for sharing. We make a lot of excuses if you don’t feel like doing exercises. But I’m telling you once you start exercising you will feel much better.
    Tori Green recently posted…I’m Not Motivated Enough For The GymMy Profile

  3. Tori Green says:

    Exercise changed me. I feel better and have a more positive outlook. It does really clears your mind.

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