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The personal training advice offered on is universally applicable. Wherever you are in the world, our lessons can be used, and adapted, for maximum health benefits. That’s why we offer so much for free in our articles. For those who want extra guidance, we also offer personal training both in person and via the internet – as we understand that everyone can benefit from the training, even if not everyone can get to our private gym in Wheathampstead, UK.

When it comes to correct form, there’s no substitute for working with a hands-on personal trainer who can highlight the areas you need to work on. You can learn all the theory here, and put yourself in the right mindset for effective exercise, but a second set of informed eyes is the quickest way to improve.

“[Training with Chris], my life’s just completely changed…He’s passionate about what he does and that’s what ensures that you will have only success.”

Chris Williams personally trains a number of clients in a private gym in Wheathampstead, Herts, UK, and is willing to train anyone who can travel there. If you are local to Hertfordshire, or don’t mind travelling for the best personal training, please get in touch to arrange a meeting. Chris also offers personal training through Skype, and has done so internationally with proven results.

Services we offer include general training for form and joint strength, focused training for recovery from injury, mobility training and weight training for improved strength.

How online personal training works

Effective training is all based on effective form and movement. By providing real time feedback on proper joint position, we can ensure that you move properly. This does not have to require weights or special equipment, and it can be done at a distance. All you need is an internet connection, and the will to improve your condition.

Ordinarily, we train using Skype, ideally using a web-camera, to see your movements live and guide you through corrections. In early sessions, we recommend the minimum equipment of a wooden board for sissy squats (with the possibility of additional wooden blocks depending on your squat ability), and a squat platform such as a chair, or a slightly lower box (for when the chair becomes easy). A broom or mop handle would also be useful for teaching effective bar-holding technique.

Skype training then involves observation of your technique with live coaching cues to improve your movements. We believe anyone with bad knees can benefit enormously from being slowly talked through correct movements, even via Skype. And we have proven success in training this way: on numerous occasions when clients have been in pain, our techniques of guiding them through slow holds and movements in adjusted positions have removed the pain right there during the session. You don’t have to take our word for it – more than half of the clients in our testimonials are distance learners.

I’ve been blessed to have found Chris, even if he is halfway around the world from me. – Andrea

Contact us and try a session for yourself.

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