“With just two main exercises, I’m stronger than ever”

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Since launching our training videos on YouTube, a lot of viewers have written to say how the simple exercises have been life-changing. None more so than Andrea, who now trains with Chris via Skype. We asked her to give us the full story of her background and progress:

Being able to write this testimony about the success since finding Chris almost brings me to tears.  My knee pain had literally destroyed my quality of life in every aspect.  I’d been a runner since my teen years, and kept it up through my first two kids, although I’d started to have knee pain after my second child.  Like every other stubborn runner, I ignored it and tried to cross-train.  However, after my third daughter, everything just went out of control as far as my physical abilities to stay active.

My knees had, supposedly, tendonitis and bursitis, and I was supposed to rest and it would go away.  I was on my own, and recovery was just not happening.  Every time I would try and get back to exercise, that knee pain came back.  Not only was exercise limited, yet I was having pain just in walking around.  I invested money in every brace and band you could find at the store and I was embarrassed how injured I looked with these new accessories.  I felt “old” thinking I had wasted away my joints and ligaments, seriously wondering if I had an early case of arthritis.  I started looking at arthritis web sites to find what I could do, trying treatments on my own, exercises, stretches, etc.  as I was determined to be able to move again.

I went through many different PT’s who gave me stability exercises and I would spend hours each morning doing all the exercises from all the physical therapists and personal trainers I’d accumulated in my life, and spent money on.  I didn’t feel one ounce stronger or challenged, and more importantly, I was still suffering with my knees.  I often worried, “what would I do if one of my kids ran out into the street.”  I could not run after them.  I could not wear any types of shoes except tennis shoes with inserts.  I then, went on to active release technique which helped temporarily but again, I wondered if I would be spending money with this chiropractor all my life just so that I could walk on the treadmill.  That was not where I wanted to be. I wanted to run, wear sandals in the summer, hike the mountains with my cousins, and go down the stairs without pain.  I would often cry for hours, depressed at all my limitations in life at the age of 32, and I hadn’t even had an injury.  I never imagined that a simple maltracking issue could control my life at these extremes.

That was my life. . . until. . . . I met Chris.  I don’t know if I should even say “how.”  But I was at my last straw with my knees.  I was ready to give up and be happy that I could walk and stop there.  I had seen some of his videos on YouTube, and his sissy squats looked ridiculously painful.  I thought, “who with knee problems would do something like that?”  But like I said, I was at the end of my rope and decided to do that crazy exercise.  Instantly, my knees felt better after doing it.  I went for a fast walk, and something just felt “right” with my knees.  I was sold!!

I got hooked up with training with Chris twice a week, and my life’s just completely changed.  I have quads now that I never had before, even during my running years.  My posture and awareness of my body’s movements have improved.  I am running again and can wear any shoes I want without fear.  I played soccer the other day with my kids and then I thought, “Look at me!”  I never thought I’d be doing that again.  I’ve gained so much time back in my schedule, because I was able to cut out all those exercises I was so faithful to daily, and now with just two main exercises, I’m stronger than ever.  Chris has given me the tools on how to manage and self-correct my pain, and every time an issue pops up with any part of my body, he analyzes it quickly and thoroughly and we get it under control.  My pre-arthritis has disappeared!  It’s a miracle!  To find that right person who knows what he’s doing, puts his time and attention to your individual situation and gives his all when he works with you. . . that’s a rarity to find now in these days where everyone is only concerned about putting their time in and charging their fee.  Chris is not like that.  He’s passionate about what he does and that’s what ensures that you will have only success working with Chris.  I’ve been blessed to have found Chris, even if he is halfway around the world from me.

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Andrea Herrera is a stay-at-home mom who homeschools her three children.  In her free time, she enjoys running, going to the gym, walking, and playing the piano.  

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4 Responses to “With just two main exercises, I’m stronger than ever”

  1. pamm says:

    happy for you 🙂 what is the other exercise?
    i had ACL recon (hamstring) 4 years ago and my knee is still clicking every time i sit down
    it still hurts 60% of the time when I 1) climb stairs 2) squat 3) get up from the floor
    I can’t run now though I was a soccer player
    depressing (I’m the same age 32)
    i do decent upper body training but I’ve been afraid to do any lower body exercise. Do you have any advice?

  2. Ron Wear says:

    I see that one of the two exercises was Sissy Squats, but you never did say what was the other exercise. What was the other one?

  3. Ron Wear says:

    Woops, apologies, it went through twice.

  4. Phil says:

    Should’ve clarified this earlier – the second exercise is regular squats, as covered on this site. Essentially regular squats are THE main exercise, above anything else!

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