The videos produced and made available here by are free to view and share, designed to promote general awareness of correct body form and knee health. If you do share our videos, please give credit to our website – otherwise, we encourage you to study the valuable information contained here, and wish you luck with improving your physical health.

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The following videos were produced under the LiftAge brand. They are low quality, but the advice they offer is still valuable.

Self-treatment of patella maltracking

A 9-part guide to self-treating patella maltracking problems, addressing all areas of knee pain and correct form, with a variety of exercises to aid strength and recovery. Read our full explanation of the guideĀ here.

Self-treatment of lower back pain using a lacrosse ball

A short term fix for lower back pain issues, to alleviate pain with the help of a ball.

Treatment of squat-related shoulder and arm pain

A few simple concepts and techniques relating to shoulder and arm pain received from doing squats.

Applying logic to long term heart health

Discussion of some of the advice you commonly hear regarding exercise and heart health. Using logic, we show you how this advice can be short-sighted, and how you should rethink your exercise for long-term health benefits.

The mechanisms of joint pain explained

An explanation of the mechanisms of joint pain, to help analyse where pain comes from and how to stop it.

Waiter bows

An exercise designed to help people use the lower back properly.

An 87-year old man does chair squats

Discussed in the blog here.

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