How X Factor choreography puts Lady Gaga’s knees at risk

lady gaga knee problemViewers of the UK’s Sunday night X-Factor live results show on 27th October 2013 were treated to an energetic performance by Lady Gaga of her tracks Venus and Do What U Want from her new album ARTPOP. However, we at KneeStrength were more concerned with a piece of poorly designed dance choreography which repeatedly put the star’s knees into a poor position.

The picture to the left shows the singer’s right foot pointed outwards, the arch of the foot collapsed down to the floor, the knee and shin turned inwards, pointing well inside the line of the foot, and the corresponding internally rotated thigh. The choreography had Gaga’s knee moving in and out of this position about half a dozen times.

The risk of encouraging such a movement is that this inward pointing knee position (called a valgus knee) is one where the structures of the knee joint are in a compromised position. In particular, the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) are prone to damage. In addition, regularly flattening the foot like this could cause foot and ankle pain.

The inwardly rotated leg puts the external rotation strength of the glutes to sleep. The less the glutes work to externally rotate the thighs during movements such as squats, the weaker the glutes will get and the more problems such as this valgus knee position will return.

We recommend Lady Gaga’s exercise trainers and dance choreographers work together in future to ensure movement faults such this are discouraged from her routines. Otherwise she could do herself some serious damage.

twisted knee gaga

Stop this nonsense.

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